Tried A Lot Of Weird Massage Tech At IFA 2023 – Here’s The One I’d Really Buy

There was a lot of very interesting health and fitness technology at the IFA 2023 conference. The usual stuff like smartwatches, treadmills and the best electric bikes rubbed shoulders with slightly more esoteric items like virtual jump ropes (no real ropes), digital wellness tools like scales and smart rings, and lots of massage technology. Everywhere I looked in the Digital Health hall, I could see chairs vibrating, the best massage gunsand shelves upon shelves of gadgets that looked suspiciously like virtual reality headsets.

These visors are actually eye massagers, and there were a lot of them at this year’s conference. Using a combination of temperature, air pressure and physical pressure, they aim to relax the muscles in the face and moisten the eyes so they feel refreshed after a long day of staring at screens.

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