The 2-ingredient weight loss tea that helps women over 50 effortlessly lose weight

You’ve probably heard about all the benefits of drinking green tea, from keeping your heart healthy to boosting your memory. And a lot of people use the drink to help speed up the metabolism and lose weight. So we were excited when we recently discovered what our favorite weight loss tea recipe might be. Why is this so good? It combines green tea with the slim syrup TikTok is raving about for an easy-to-prepare drink that’s deliciously sweet and packed with potent micronutrients that can help boost fat loss.

Just ask 66-year-old Susan Powers, who used the sweet tea to lose 87 pounds and 14 inches from her waist. Female world the tasty sip made all the difference in curing her cravings and helping her reach the happy weight. Keep reading to learn about the best green tea for weight loss that can help you:

Why green tea is better for weight loss

Both green tea and black tea, most commonly used to make the beloved Southern sweet tea, come from the same plant (Camellia sinensis), but are processed differently and have distinct characteristics in terms of taste, appearance, caffeine content and health benefits. After harvesting, green tea leaves are typically steamed or potted to prevent oxidation (the process that turns green leaves brown). This helps retain the green color of the leaves. A cup of green tea contains 20 to 45 mg of caffeine and is grass-flavored.

Black tea is fully oxidized. After harvesting, the leaves are withered, curled, oxidized (sometimes called fermented, although not true fermentation), and then dried. This oxidation process gives black tea its characteristic dark color and rich flavor. Black tea typically has 40 to 75 mg of caffeine per cup and a more robust, almost malty flavor.

Because green tea is not oxidized, it retains a brighter hue and more antioxidants than black tea. Green tea is particularly rich in a category of antioxidants called catechins. Green tea has up to 400% more than black tea. The star of catechins in terms of weight loss is called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is distilled from green tea and sold as a weight loss supplement. (Click to learn more about how to take a green tea phytosome to boost fat burning.)

Among the many waist-reducing benefits, catechins have been shown to temporarily accelerate fat burning by up to 35%. And according to60 seconds to lose weightAccording to author Michelle Schoffro Cook, PhD, catechins also help reduce stress hormones, which can result in far fewer carb and sugar cravings. Three added health bonuses: Green tea helps stop bloating and green tea has been shown to help prevent kidney stones and green tea can help you live longer.

Perhaps the best news of all: Tufts University scientists discovered that catechins inflame belly fat when they’re active. In fact, people who were given a catechin-rich drink were able to burn their belly flab 25 times faster than those who were given diet sodas. Green tea is a perfect way to jump-start weight loss, says Cook.

The secret of the slim syrup that enhances the results

TikTok has gone wild with Jordans Skinny Syrup and similar brands that spice up water or tea with fun flavors like dragon fruit, cotton candy, and even glazed donut. What makes them skinny? They contain zero sugar and zero carbs. While some are made with all-natural ingredients, many use artificial flavors and sweeteners.

If the word artificial raises concerns, here’s some good news: When University of Colorado researchers had study participants drink 24 oz. of plain water or 24 oz. of a zero-calorie, artificially-flavored beverage daily, those who drank zero-calories lost three times as much weight.

Click to learn more about how low-fat syrups help with weight loss and low-fat syrup recipes that are easy to make at home.

How much tea to drink to lose weight

Even if you only add two cups of green tea a day, experts say you’ll likely see a difference on the scale. But to maximize results, have 4 to 6 cups a day, making sure to switch to decaf after 3pm. Add lemon, non-dairy creamer and/or your preferred low-calorie sweetener. Avoid dairy, which can block the absorption of the tea’s antioxidants. And if you don’t feel like drinking so much tea, read on for three tasty alternatives:

1. Sprinkle with tea powder

Matcha Green Tea Powder makes it easy to add tea to whatever you’re eating. Mix it into smoothies and soups, sprinkle it on popcorn, or even sprinkle it on ice cream. It adds a lovely herbaceous flavor and just one teaspoon equals one cup of brewed green tea. (Click to learn more about the health benefits of matcha.)

2. Use tea as an herb

If you open a tea bag, the finely sliced ​​leaves resemble oregano and can be used like the herb. We love it in a mix of vegetables, in a Greek salad or with seafood. (Click to learn how to use green tea to flavor vegetables.)

3. Cook with tea

Swap green tea for water when cooking your next pot of beans, rice, pasta or quinoa. You can even use it in place of broth in soup. Experts say the tea adds light herbal notes to foods, along with large doses of slimming antioxidants.

I ended up getting healthier at 66 than I did years ago!

Lisa Helfert

Since Susan Powers was a young mother, she struggled with extra pounds. She’s tried using shakes, frozen meals, group plans, and even keto, and while she used to miss out on a little, she’s never been able to give up fast food, pasta, or sweets for very long. Gradually, they pushed her down to 500 pounds, and her energy totally disappeared in the process.What is the best diet for someone who is very tired?she would ask herself with a laugh. Then she realized that her daughter’s friend, Amy, a crazy busy mom, was making waves on Weight Watchers. Susan thought that if Amy could pull it off, maybe a jaded retiree would have a chance. So she signed up for a version of the program using an app on her phone.

Susan didn’t even have to go to the store to get started. She started eating eggs for breakfast, chili made from pantry ingredients for lunch, and chicken with veggies and potatoes for dinner. Susan had lost 20 kilos when fate threw some obstacles for her family. She and husband Ed ended up having three of their four adult children at home for several months. Amidst the chaos, Susan’s cravings got the better of her and she started to put on the lost pounds.I’m not giving up,she told herself, signing up for in-person WW meetings. At one fateful meeting, someone suggested that tea and low-fat syrup might help curb her appetite.

The idea of ​​sweet tea instantly evoked happy memories for Susan. She remembered childhood summers when her mother would boil tea bags, add sugar, and pour over ice. It was their delight after they had been playing outside all day. So when she found herself at TJMaxx, she grabbed a bottle of the Jordans Skinny Syrup that everyone in her group had been raving about. It was caramel, which she thought would go well in tea.

Susan Today: 87 Pounds Leaner and Living Her Best Life

When a craving hit, Sue was ready. She brewed and chilled green tea, which she read could help metabolism. Swirling in the syrup, she took a calorie-free sip. It was delicious. And the mix of nostalgia, hydration and guilt-free caramel made her cravings disappear.

Over the next few days, drinking sweet tea helped cure Susan’s mumps again and again. So she asked for more syrup flavors including vanilla and iced cinnamon roll. She soon got into the habit of drinking sweet tea a few times a day. I wish I knew how much this tea would help me sooner,” she says. I’m not fighting my cravings anymore!

Susan’s energy and mood continued to soar. And her belly became flatter and smoother. In all, Sue lost 87 pounds and lost about 35 inches from her waist. And she used tea to help her avoid it for three years. Says Sue: I ended up getting healthier at 66 than I did years ago.

Weight Loss Tea Recipes You’ll Love

Want to see how green tea and slimming syrups can help you lose weight and feel better than ever? We have the easy recipes to get you started:

Basic tea recipe for weight loss

For hot tea, place 1 green tea bag in 8 oz. boiling water for 5 minutes. For iced tea, place 5 bags in 24 oz. boiling water, then refrigerate and add ice.

Susan’s favorite sweet tea

Slimming tea recipe made with green tea, peach and mint slimming syrup

This version of Susan’s favorite drink tastes like Starbucks Iced Peach Green Tea!


  • 6 cups of water
  • 12 mint green tea bags, such as Tazo Organic Zen
  • 1 cup Jordans Skinny Peach or Unicorn Flavored Syrup


Remove the bags and transfer to a jar; mix syrup (sold at discount stores and Cold. Enjoy over ice with desired garnishes. Serves 46

Want more delicious sips? Click for easy green tea recipes.

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A version of this article originally appeared in our print magazine, Womans World.

This content is not a substitute for professional medical advice or diagnosis. Always consult your doctor before following any treatment plan.

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