How to raise the voice of patients in the safe use of medicines?

How To Elevate The Voice Of Patients In The Safe Use Of Drugs?

World Patient Safety Day is dedicated to the theme “Engaging patients for patient safety” and the slogan “Elevating the voice of patients”. Written by Tavishi Dogra |Updated: September 20, 2023, 2:53 pm IST In the medical industry, the “Hippocratic Oath” itself highlights the principle “First, do no harm,” which is the fundamental principle of patient … Read more

After Overcoming Suicide Attempt, Mitchell’s Lisa Larson Is Ready to Run Across SD to Raise Suicide Awareness

After Overcoming Suicide Attempt, Mitchell's Lisa Larson Is Ready to Run Across SD to Raise Suicide Awareness

MITCHELL Lisa Larson will never forget the time she tried to take her own life. It was a traumatic moment that unfolded during her struggle with alcohol addiction, which she never imagined she would deal with. And it took Larson 13 years to share her story of attempting suicide with some of her closest loved … Read more

Attacks on healthcare workers raise concerns – Business Insurance

health care worker

As attacks on healthcare workers become increasingly common, workplace safety experts are calling on regulators and employers to better protect those caring for patients. Incidents have increased during the COVID-19 pandemic due to understaffed medical facilities, an increase in substance abuse and a general lack of mental health services, experts say. And while the issue … Read more