Weight loss coach who lost 60 pounds reveals the ‘BIGGEST problem’ stopping people from losing weight – and it has nothing to do with nutrition or exercise

Utah weight loss coach Maggie Sterling went viral on TikTok after detailing one of the biggest mistakes people make when they're trying to lose weight

A weight loss coach who weighed more than 200 pounds has revealed why you’ll never lose weight if you don’t tackle this problem. Maggie Sterling, a Utah mom, lost 30 pounds and transformed her body after she stopped dieting and started focusing on her mindset to help her heal her relationship with food. The founder … Read more

Beyond Forgetting: Why We Must Act Now Against Alzheimer’s Disease

Beyond Forgetting: Why We Must Act Now Against Alzheimer's Disease

Faced with an increasingly aging population, today’s reality reveals a harsh truth: healthcare systems in the EU and the rest of the world are ill-equipped to provide early and timely diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and adopt innovative treatments that can help preserve memory and, therefore, independence. Recent advances suggest that timely intervention may hold promise … Read more

Nutrition alert: here’s what’s in a 100-gram serving of bell peppers

flax seeds

Pepper. You love it in your sandwiches and chowmein, but the idea of ​​including it in one Sabzi it wouldn’t go down well with most people. Although children (and some adults) may not like this kitchen staple, bell peppers are rich in essential nutrients, says N Lakshmi, senior nutritionist at Kamineni Hospitals, Hyderabad. Also known … Read more