Drinking a gallon of water a day probably won’t help you lose weight

Drinking a gallon of water a day probably won't help you lose weight

It’s often stated that if you’re trying to lose weight, one of the things you should do every day is drink plenty of water, with some internet advice suggesting this should be as much as a gallon (about 4.5 liters). The claim is that water helps burn calories and reduce appetite, which in turn leads … Read more

The 2-ingredient weight loss tea that helps women over 50 effortlessly lose weight

Before and after shots of Susan Powers who relied on a weight loss tea to lose 80 lbs

You’ve probably heard about all the benefits of drinking green tea, from keeping your heart healthy to boosting your memory. And a lot of people use the drink to help speed up the metabolism and lose weight. So we were excited when we recently discovered what our favorite weight loss tea recipe might be. Why … Read more