Fitness Instructor Shares “Very Easy” Exercises for Women to Burn Belly Fat

Woman doing HIIT workout

Many people know what it’s like to have that problem area on their body, and no matter how much time they spend at the gym, nothing seems to change. Body image is a huge part of modern society, and while a recent YouGov poll found that 46% of American adults felt happy with their bodies, … Read more

Fitness instructor Jac Cordeiro in a red swimsuit says she manifests this

Fitness Trainer Jac Cordeiro In Red Swimsuit Says Manifest This

fitness guruJac CordeiroShe looks better than ever in her red swimsuit! The JacFit founder — who is currently dating A-Rod — took to Instagram to share some stunning photos that showed off her fit physique, including one in a bright red swimsuit with ruffled sleeves! Fitness model Jac Cordeiro expresses confidence in her red hot … Read more