Many popular fish oil supplements are rancid, tests show. Here’s how to protect yourself.

Many popular fish oil supplements are rancid, tests show.  Here's how to protect yourself.

Fish oil supplements have come under fire recently after research found that many brands make claims about heart health that are not supported by clinical trial data. Now there’s even more bad news for these supplements: Many consumers are getting rancid fish oil pills. Nearly 10% of American adults take fish oil supplements for a … Read more

‘I Stopped Exercising for 18 Days, Here’s Exactly What Happened’

'I Stopped Exercising for 18 Days, Here's Exactly What Happened'

If you’re into exercise, chances are you’re familiar with rest days and rest weeks. They are essential to help muscles recover, replenish energy reserves and give the nervous system a break from the stress that comes with training. But more than a week and you’ll probably start worrying about losing those hard-earned gains, right? Well, … Read more

Nutrition alert: here’s what’s in a 100-gram serving of bell peppers

flax seeds

Pepper. You love it in your sandwiches and chowmein, but the idea of ​​including it in one Sabzi it wouldn’t go down well with most people. Although children (and some adults) may not like this kitchen staple, bell peppers are rich in essential nutrients, says N Lakshmi, senior nutritionist at Kamineni Hospitals, Hyderabad. Also known … Read more

Tried A Lot Of Weird Massage Tech At IFA 2023 – Here’s The One I’d Really Buy

Yumnai Eye Massager pro

There was a lot of very interesting health and fitness technology at the IFA 2023 conference. The usual stuff like smartwatches, treadmills and the best electric bikes rubbed shoulders with slightly more esoteric items like virtual jump ropes (no real ropes), digital wellness tools like scales and smart rings, and lots of massage technology. Everywhere … Read more