I Did 50 Standing Touches Every Day for a Week – Here’s What Happened to My Abs

a man doing a standing crossover toe touch

When it comes to working your abdominal muscles, not all exercises are created equal. Traditionally, working your obliques—the muscles that run along the side of your torso and help stabilize your body as you bend and twist your torso—probably involves performing Russian twists or side planks. That said, if you have trouble sitting on a … Read more

‘I Stopped Exercising for 18 Days, Here’s Exactly What Happened’

'I Stopped Exercising for 18 Days, Here's Exactly What Happened'

If you’re into exercise, chances are you’re familiar with rest days and rest weeks. They are essential to help muscles recover, replenish energy reserves and give the nervous system a break from the stress that comes with training. But more than a week and you’ll probably start worrying about losing those hard-earned gains, right? Well, … Read more