Beyond Forgetting: Why We Must Act Now Against Alzheimer’s Disease

Beyond Forgetting: Why We Must Act Now Against Alzheimer's Disease

Faced with an increasingly aging population, today’s reality reveals a harsh truth: healthcare systems in the EU and the rest of the world are ill-equipped to provide early and timely diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and adopt innovative treatments that can help preserve memory and, therefore, independence. Recent advances suggest that timely intervention may hold promise … Read more

Ask an Expert: ‘Should I Exercise During Cancer Treatment?’

Ask an Expert: 'Should I Exercise During Cancer Treatment?'

If you are facing a cancer diagnosis and treatment plan, it can feel like your world has turned upside down as regular routines take a backseat to doctor visits and side effects. But experts agree that it’s important to maintain self-care, and that includes making time for physical activity. Nichole Andrews, a registered dietitian and … Read more

Cervical cancer deaths in Mississippi point to broader health problems

An illustration of the female reproductive system using paper and felt.

Shement Jones knew something wasn’t right. His back hurt. She felt pain during sex. She said she kept telling the doctor something was wrong. The doctor told her: Just wash your underwear in Dreft, Jones said, referring to a brand of detergent. A few months after her 2016 appointment, Jones, who lives in suburban Jackson, … Read more