Imran Khan confesses to using steroids for muscle building, here’s how to do it right

Former actor Imran Khan regularly interacts with his fans on social media, sharing insights into his career and the challenges he faced in the film industry. In his latest Instagram post, Khan opened up about his journey to build muscle mass, revealing that he turned to using steroids due to his naturally slim physique.

In a candid post featuring shirtless photos, Khan confessed: I’ve always been thin, one of those hypermetabolic individuals whose bodies seem to burn calories effortlessly. He humorously acknowledged this as a terrible affliction, especially when he watched others around him gaining strength in gyms in their late teens.

While filming his debut film Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na in 2008, Khan felt the need to appear more muscular even though the character did not require it. As a result, he had to wear layers of clothing to compensate for his physique.

Khan’s bodybuilding journey began with his upcoming film Kidnap, where he diligently hit the gym. Over the years, sculpting and maintaining your body has become a lifestyle choice. Despite consistent training, he often faced comments from filmmakers urging him to increase before starting filming, generating feelings of insecurity.

Determined to achieve a powerful and heroic physique, Khan pushed himself harder and experimented with various supplements. He followed a strict nutrition plan, consuming six meals a day totaling 4,000 calories, including chicken breast, egg whites, sweet potatoes, oats and flax seeds. However, he felt that these efforts were not enough to achieve the muscular appearance he aspired to his on-screen roles.

Eventually, Khan resorted to using anabolic steroids, a decision he openly described as shock and horror. He recognized the unspoken realities of the industry and the pressure to maintain an illusion of physical perfection.

In recent years, Imran Khan has faced personal challenges, including a period of depression, which led to him becoming thinner when he stopped working out. Paparazzi photos from this time sparked media discussions about his well-being and even speculation about his drug use, leaving him deeply embarrassed and embarrassed.

However, Khan resumed his fitness journey and emphasized prioritizing his health. He now exercises with his friend Praveen Tokas, focusing on his well-being and relying on supplements like walnuts and turmeric. Although he may still feel a little jealous of those with superhero physiques, Khan no longer feels bad about himself.

Although building muscle is an arduous journey, there is a right way to do it. Dr. Batul Patel, Chief Medical Officer, Bombay Skin Clinic, shared some effective ways to build muscle in an earlier interview with

Start Light: If you are new to muscle building, it’s crucial to make your workouts easier. Start with lighter weights and a moderate number of repetitions to gauge how your body responds. Gradually, as you become more comfortable, you can increase the weights and repetitions.

Rest between sets: While striving to achieve your fitness goals, it’s tempting to push yourself to the limit during each workout session. However, it is essential to highlight the importance of rest intervals between sets. These breaks are as vital as the exercises themselves. Incorporating rest periods between sets can lead to better repetitions across multiple sets, greater overall strength, and greater muscle power.

Stay hydrated: Physical activity leads to sweating, which is the body’s natural mechanism for regulating temperature. However, it also means loss of fluids, so it is crucial to maintain yourself properly hydrated. Drinking water not only prevents dehydration, but also helps regulate your body temperature, ensuring you don’t overheat.

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Do not exaggerate: It’s easy to fall into the trap of overdoing your workouts, especially when it comes to stubborn fat. However, rest days are equally essential to any exercise regime and should not be ignored.

Don’t forget to stretch: Don’t forget to set aside time for stretching after each workout. Stretching is essential to maintain muscles flexibility, avoiding pain and facilitating a faster recovery. Neglecting post-workout stretching can lead to increased muscle soreness, potentially delaying your return to the gym.

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