Fitness instructor Jac Cordeiro in a red swimsuit says she manifests this

fitness guruJac CordeiroShe looks better than ever in her red swimsuit!

The JacFit founder — who is currently dating A-Rod — took to Instagram to share some stunning photos that showed off her fit physique, including one in a bright red swimsuit with ruffled sleeves!

Fitness model Jac Cordeiro expresses confidence in her red hot swimsuit

In one of her latest Instagram posts, the popular fitness trainer showed off her fit physique in a red swimsuit with red ruffled sleeves. Her long blonde hair was slicked back as she complimented her slim leg in brown heels. She shared two photos that showed her posing in a swimsuit, pulling the sleeves off one shoulder in the second photo.

Manifest this: ENERGY, ACTION, DETERMINATION,” she wrote in the caption of her Instagram post, tagging Windsor, Ontario as her current location. Fans had nothing but love for her hot photos. Not here for games!! one fan exclaimed. Sexy, wrote another follower. Legs for days! a third fan gushed. It looks so good my friend, another follower shared.

“You look strong, confident and beautiful,” another fan chimed in. Truly stunning and extremely adorable. Beautiful, commented another follower. Hardworking and determined. Absolutely beautiful, wrote another fan. Absolutely breathtaking, another follower gushed while another fan called her a blonde bombshell.

Barbie is a big fan of confidence!

In another photo from Toronto, Canada, the Blonde Bombshell shared another photo that showed her wearing a white swimsuit with the Barbie logo written in black cursive on the front. She is wearing colorful heels and stands with one leg in front of the other. Her short blonde hair is curled around her face as she stands with her hands on her hips, looking away from the camera.

Barbie’s favorite outfit is confidence, she wrote in the caption of this Instagram post along with the hashtags Progress Not Perfection, 40 Something Mom, Fitness Barbie, Canadian Made and Unedited. Fans were also excited about the swimsuit photo, with one fan commenting: Beautiful photo. You are amazing and absolutely beautiful. Jac replied: Thank you.

My God you keep looking better every time I see you congratulations if you have a change in your life please keep me in mind as someone you can ask for help as this is not what you can do for me , but what can I do for you, as you have already helped so many other people in life, it is time to take revenge for your benefit, wrote another follower, to which Jac also replied: Thank you.

Jac Cordeiro proves that he works hard to have a fit physique!

In a recent Instagram post, she gave her followers a leg day motivational talk, along with a look at the exercises she was doing that day. I would like to have a super beautiful body like that, but my problem is my core, my belly is my nightmare, after 3 cesarean sections, I need any suggestions in your opinion to work on the core of my body, commented a fan.

I can say that I have had 2 C-sections not by choice and I can honestly say that your eating habits will always be the most effective way to improve your core. You can also try using a center belt or a waist trainer. “I’ve personally used several different variations of @drip_fit during cardio and weightlifting,” replied Jac. The key is consistency with exercise and diet.

Fans have nothing but love for Jac’s helpful advice!

Instagram | Jac Cordeiro

Fans are grateful that Jac took the time to answer her followers’ questions and give advice. I will definitely try this!! Do you recommend using resistance bands around your thighs when doing squats? another follower asked. Yes, it’s always another way to level up or change your lift to add variety, replied Jac.

As a third fan noted, You’re telling women the truth / plus you’re beautiful / you’re someone women should listen to / not just fitness, but period. Jac responded with a prayer hands emoji. Interested in more content from Jac Cordeiro? The fitness model looks good in anything! She recently dropped jaws while posing in see-through black lingerie! Fans can check out this hot display by clicking here!

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