Ask Amy: Parents May Need a New Risk Assessment

Dear Amy: My granddaughter is six years old.

Her parents want her to grow up independent.

This manifests itself in many freedoms and responsibilities, some of which I think she is very young.

I never said anything to parents about this aspect of parenting, but recently I witnessed two instances where I felt their approach was too lax.

In one case, they allowed her to descend a slippery marble spiral staircase with inadequate handrails – alone.

She ended up falling, but luckily she wasn’t seriously injured.

The other incident occurred at a restaurant when she needed to use the restroom. Instead of accompanying her, they told her, “You know where it is, go ahead.”

The bathroom was a single room with a women’s stall next to a men’s stall. An external door closed off the room with the two cabins inside.

I didn’t say anything, but I went with my granddaughter and stood outside her tent.

(When I was six, I was molested in a park, so I know how quickly and easily molesters can act.)

Should I speak with parents about my concern that they accompany her to public restrooms until she is older?

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